Change Leadership Mentoring

Throughout your change programme there may be a requirement for ‘topping up’ the leadership capacity throughout your organisation. Cultural change work is very demanding and it requires a network of leaders collaborating to transform the culture at work. During such a stimulating period it is advisable to make available a leadership mentoring resource to those in management positions who will be expected to lead critical aspects of the cultural change programme. This resource would typically involve a process of learning were the distinction between management and leadership is advanced within the client group and a 360 degree feedback mechanism is put in place to gauge the leadership/follower dynamic in progress. We advocate a mentoring approach which can be mediated through the following processes:

  1. Skype one to one mentoring
  2. Person to person mentoring
  3. Corporate leadership growth

The change leadership mentoring processes we would employ would make sure that your leadership capacities are enhanced and are best prepared to lead the cultural change project that you have committed to. In relation to corporate leadership growth the mentoring process can also involve the development of internal leadership development programmes designed specifically to suit the needs of different leadership groupings throughput your organisation.

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